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We are a full-service marketing research and consultancy firm headquartered in Japan, with offices in Thailand and the United States. Our international presence gives us the ability to provide worldwide coverage. For over 50 years, every project that we have undertaken has been tailor designed to fulfill our clients' needs. In so doing, we deploy a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, from the traditional to the modern.

We cover businesses involved in BtoC and BtoB endeavors. The industries and areas in which we specialize include healthcare/medicine, automobiles, banking, insurance, electronics, IT/tech, telecommunications, transportation, energy, real estate, luxury brands and retailing. Our proprietary panels and connectivity to NIKKEI subscribers allow us to access difficult-to-find profiles, especially of BtoB and healthcare and medical professionals. We are experienced in market validation, branding, purchasing process analysis, behavioral observation, CX (customer experience), employee engagement and corporate surveys (i.e., on workplace productivity, compliance and SDG/ESG). Our experts conduct highly complex analysis, such as that involving open-end texts.

Core strength

  • Full service and tailor-designed solutions

    We carefully tailor and select the best-fit approaches for each client's goal.

  • Member of the NIKKEI media group

    We conduct poll surveys and implement subscriber analysis, and we are constantly building the backend of our financial database. Our capabilities allow us to complete complex, continuous projects of massive scale in which speed and accuracy are of paramount importance.

  • Strong relationship and reputation

    We have strong credibility with companies, organizations, and individuals. We are constantly engaging with our proprietary panel and enhancing links to NIKKEI subscribers.

  • Data science expertise for complex analysis

    Our data scientists create models and conduct various types of statistical analysis involving clustering, regression, Bayesian causal inference, and AI text analysis.

  • Collection of market research reports/data

    With an up-to-date lineup of reports and data, we enable our clients to achieve a decided competitive advantage.