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Looking Back on 20 Years of Brand Ranking in Japan: Nikkei Research Brand Strategy Survey 2022

Nikkei Research Inc. has released its annual Brand Strategy Survey for the year 2022, which is the 20th such survey since 2003. The survey evaluates the corporate brand equity of 600 notable companies in Japan, chosen from various industries. A total of about 90,000 responses were collected.

This year, Apple Japan took the top position for the fourth consecutive year. Sony Group came in 2nd, while Google was at 3rd place, these latter two companies having exchanged the positions they held last year.

Looking back over the past 20 years, we have discovered that companies that successfully adapt to changing times also perform well in the brand rankings.

Looking Back on 20 Years of Brand Ranking in Japan

The aim of branding has shifted from attracting customer purchases to placing more emphasis on a corporation's value in society.
We found that the awareness of SDGs-related initiatives of a company and the degree of empathy toward that corporation's stance have a clear correlation. Moreover, it was also revealed that empathy impacts a company's profitability. We measured the people's willingness to buy a product/service from a brand even if the price was higher than other options--the "price premium." Needless to say, the "empathizers" are more likely to respond favorably to a brand with a higher price premium.
Further, we ran a factor analysis using the similarity coefficient (the Jaccard index) involving "empathy" and "brand image." Brands were categorized into four groups, allowing us to explore the factors that link to empathy with a brand.

More details of the results are available at the link below.
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