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Nikkei Research Brand Strategy Survey 2023: Corporate Brand Ranking in Japan

Nikkei Research Inc. has released its Brand Strategy Survey 2023, which evaluates the corporate brand equity of 600 major companies in Japan.

This year, Yamato Transport regained the top position in the overall ranking for the first time in seven years. The company holds the top share in home deliveries in Japan, and it can be said that their daily interactions with consumers have resulted in more positive impressions, despite the difficulties posed by post-pandemic conditions.

Sony Group, Google, and Microsoft Japan stood in the same positions as they did last year. However, Apple Japan fell to the third place from the top.

TOTO rose significantly from twelfth last year to fifth this year. It gained strong support from both consumers and business professionals. With remote working being widely adopted, there seems to be a growing demand for attractive and functional interiors, and TOTO has been successful in fulfilling that need with its beautifully designed toilets and new features based on the voices of consumers.

Yamato Transport has returned to the top overall position for the first time in seven years in Nikkei Research's

Nikkei Research's Brand Strategy Survey has been released annually since 2003, making this year the 21st. This year's survey was conducted from June to July, and a total of about 90,000 responses were collected.

The survey targets two types of respondent groups −consumers (BtoC) and business professionals (BtoB). The Brand Perception Quotient (PQ), which is the calculated brand strength index, formulated from the five elements of "Empathy ("Attractiveness" for BtoB respondents)," "Necessity ("Usefulness in Business" for BtoB respondents)," "Premium (Premium over Brand and Price)," "Uniqueness," and "Willingness to Recommend."

More details are available from the link below.

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