Group Companies

Financial Times Group
Publishing Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Nikkei Science Inc.
Nikkei National Geographic Inc.
Data services Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc.
Nikkei QUICK News, Inc.
Nikkei Research, Inc.
Nikkei Advanced Systems, Inc.
Rating and Investment Information, Inc.
Nikkei Financial Technology Research Institute, Inc.
Broadcasting TV TOKYO Holdings Corp.
Television Osaka, Inc.
Aichi Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
TV Setouchi Broadcasiting Co., Ltd.
Nikkei CNBC Japan, Inc.
Nikkei Radio Broadcasting Corp.
Nikkei Visual Images, Inc.
Premium Platform Japan, Inc.
Sales, marketing,
advertising and education
Nikkei Media Promotions, Inc.
Nikkei PR Advertising Co., Ltd.
Nikkeisha, Inc.
Nikkei Human Resources, Inc.
Nikkei FT Learning Ltd.
Nikkei Events Pro Co., Ltd.
Printing and production Nikkei Tokyo Newspaper Printing Center, Inc.
Nikkei Newspaper Printing, Inc.
Nikkei West Newspaper Printing Center, Inc.
Nikkei Nagoya Newspaper Printing Center, Inc.
Nikkei Editorial Production Center, Inc.
Other services Nikkei Plaza & Services, Inc.
Nikkei Culture, Inc.
Nikkei Osaka General Service, Inc.
Overseas Nikkei Group Asia Pte. Ltd.
Nikkei America, Inc.
Nikkei Europe Ltd.
Nikkei China (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Nikkei Creative (Beijing) Advertising Ltd.
Nikkei FT Scout Asia Ltd.
Research Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER)
Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA)
Nikkei Advertising Research Institute