Nikkei Group's Commitment on Handling Customer Data (the Nikkei Data Charter)

Nikkei Group collects or may collect personal information and/or other private data from you in certain circumstances. We understand the importance of your privacy. We will protect all such information and data seriously and handle them with due care so that our media, products and services can be used safely, reliably and satisfactorily. We will also pursue better quality and greater innovation.

Here we present "Nikkei Group's Commitment on Handling Customer Data," or the "Nikkei Data Charter," which consists of the five principles of conduct described below. We declare that we will observe the statements in all of our activities.

Five Principles of Conduct

Fair and faithful handling

We will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable Japanese laws and regulations to protect your human rights and privacy fairly and faithfully.

Maintaining transparency and accountability

Transparency and accountability, as well as your satisfaction, are fundamentally essential for our handling of your information and data. We will explain clearly.

Focusing on safety and security

Safety, security and reliability are crucial for our handling of your information and data. We will pay full attention to our safety and security management so that your information and data are protected against unauthorized or accidental leakage, loss and damage.

Providing convenience and new value

We will make our best efforts to improve the convenience and value of our media, products and services using information and data to provide you with advanced media, products and services characterized by better quality.

Contributing to a better world and better life

We work with various types of information and data while maintaining high moral standards as a media organization for a better life, society and economy.