One way in which Nikkei Inc. contributes to society is by conducting a variety of events and projects. These efforts are intended to further the development of Japanese culture and education and to promote Japan's ongoing process of globalization.

Promoting communications in Asia

"The Future of Asia” international exchange conference

This conference allows political and economic leaders from the Asia-Pacific region to discuss sustainable development in the region, and it has been held more than 20 times since 1995. Presidents, prime ministers, and other foreign dignitaries from Asian countries have gathered at the conference, and successive Japanese prime ministers have given speeches at the event’s banquet. The conference has become an increasingly important event in Asian diplomacy.

Nikkei Asia Awards

The Nikkei Asia Awards program recognizes "innovations from Asia" from an Asian perspective. They encourage change in Asia and the world and help realize a free and prosperous economy and society. The Nikkei Asia Award was established in 2021 to replace the Nikkei Asia Award, which had been in place since 1996.

Contributing to Economic Development

Jiro Enjoji Memorial Prize

This prize recognizes the activities of young, up-and-coming or midlevel economists. The prize was established in 2006 as a part of the activities organized in order to commemorate Nikkei's 130th anniversary and was named after Jiro Enjoji, former president of Nikkei, who also served as the first president of the Japan Center for Economic Research.

Nikkei Prize for Economics Books

Established in 1958 to contribute to the enhancement, dissemination and broadened application of studies and knowledge in economics, management and accounting, the awards are given to about five authors and include a prizes of one million yen and, in the event a particularly noteworthy book has been published, a Special Prize of 1.5 million yen. Publishers of the award-winning books receive a medal.

We support students

Journalism Symposium

Since 2018 Nikkei Inc. has been co-hosting a student support project, the "Let's Think about Journalism in the Future" symposium, with the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in the U.S.A. The symposium has been held jointly with the University of Tokyo, Sophia University, Waseda University, and Keio University to convey the importance of journalism to students interested in the media. It is also part of the Columbia-Nikkei Scholarship program established in 2005 to foster journalists in the Asian region.