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Our foundation is rooted in our highly targeted print and digital media lineup. Our print media includes 31 magazines and newsletters, with a total annual distribution of 20 million copies. We provide 24 digital media brands, with 113 million total monthly pageviews and 22 million monthly active users. Our audience database of 10 million businesspeople in Japan holds both static and active profiles. Its content varies from business card information and business and personal interests to data on which stories people have read and what products and services they have purchased from us. With this database, we are able to offer customized strategic BtoB marketing services that are without equal.

Every year, we publish more than 600 books and "mooks" (or "magazine-like books"), many of which cross borders and are published in local languages. Increasing numbers of publishers and other content providers in different countries are also licensing our magazine and website content to translate and publish material not only in print but also in digital formats. Our content is uniquely positioned to broadly cover a wide variety of genres from economics and business to technology, medicine, lifestyle and fiction. In Japan and across the globe, "Nikkei" stands for quality and trusted business information.

Core strength

Our audience database and our highly trusted media assets make for a powerful combination. Together they enable us to play a vital role in providing solutions to the managerial and social challenges faced today by companies around the world. We pool our strengths in "intelligence," "networks" and "reach" to respond to needs for guidance in the right direction. As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, more clients are coming to us with consultation projects related to management, human resources, new business creation and marketing, knowing we can assist with solutions that will make a difference.