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Physician Engagement with Anti-Allergy Drugs

Nikkei Research conducted a survey asking internists, otorhinolaryngologists, allergists, and dermatologists about prescription drugs for seasonal allergic rhinitis, late 2nd-generation antihistamines and anti-allergic drugs, and their handlers in Japan. Physician engagement was measured using Nikkei Research's unique scheme separating into elements of four factors: product, information provision, non-product, and MR. Overall evaluation items (KPIs) such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), and priority concerning choices of companies and products were also measured in the survey.

The most prescribed drugs of spring 2023 were Allegra (a generic drug), Bilanoa, and Desalex, across all departments. However, the reasons for choosing those differed by each drug.

According to a survey conducted by Nikkei Research, the most prescribed drugs in spring 2023 were Allegra, Bilanoa, and Desalex across all departments.

Ranking of the most reliable branded drug manufacturers by internist preferences seems to somewhat align with the drug market shares, with few exceptions. However, when looking at otorhinolaryngologists, the contrast between preference and product sales distribution is notable.

According to a Nikkei Research survey, the drug makers that physicians trust the most seem to align somewhat with drug market share.

While there were significant differences between pharmaceutical companies concerning the interactions with physicians (daily communications, information provision, support, etc.), notable differences in NPS by company and by physician department were also discovered.

In NPS, which measures customer recommendations, Taiho Pharmaceutical, which was considered the most trustworthy company, received a negative score.

KYORIN Pharmaceutical and Sanofi scored well, regardless of physician specialty. On the other hand, Taiho Pharmaceutical, which was considered the most reliable company, had a negative score. Where NPS, measuring the customer recommendation, is thought to be an alternative indicator of customer loyalty, the results indicate that current sales power itself may not have a causal link to loyalty, but perhaps it is the other way around, with loyalty determining future sales.

Further details of the survey results are available from the below link.


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