Fulfilling the Media's Mission in Turbulent Times


We are living in a world characterized by unprecedented uncertainty. The spread of COVID-19 has exposed structural social problems such as division and disparity, and the global balance of power is experiencing significant change. The values of democracy and capitalism that humanity has built up over a long period of time are being challenged. The world is also confronting issues such as climate change as well as racial and gender-based discrimination, and such issues must be addressed as rapidly as possible.

In these confusing times, news organizations have a responsibility to continue to provide reliable information. In an increasingly complex world, it is becoming more and more difficult to find answers using a single yardstick alone. It is imperative to avoid preconceptions and to investigate matters thoroughly. The Nikkei will continue to fulfill its social responsibility as a media outlet firmly rooted in a reality-based outlook, without being biased against or in favor of any ideology.

In order to meet the expectations of its readers, Nikkei has ventured into new realms that have become accessible through digitalization and globalization. The Nikkei Online Edition, launched in 2010, has grown to become one of the world's leading online media voices, with approximately 800,000 paying members, and the new method of delivering news and commentary ahead of the morning and evening editions has taken root. In addition to news reporting, information services, special events, and human resource training are also creating novel forms of added value through the power of digital communication.

With Financial Times (FT), a leading economic media outlet based in the U.K., we are also enhancing our global communication capabilities. Moreover, our interaction with FT has increased the range of our human resources and the depth of our content. "Nikkei Asia," which disseminates economic information on Asia to the world in English, is steadily expanding its presence.

Nikkei's greatest asset is its human resources. In addition to introducing a system to promote highly motivated and capable employees regardless of age, we are actively working to create a work environment that enables women and non-Japanese employees to work comfortably. The challenges faced by each of our employees will bring strong growth to Nikkei. We will continue to implement changes in ways that are not bound by conventional frameworks in order to spread quality content throughout the world.  

Tsuyoshi Hasebe
President and CEO
Nikkei Inc.