Nikkei's Promise for a Society
that Overcomes Challenges

President & CEO Nikkei Inc.

As times change, Nikkei is reforming its business model accordingly. In news reporting, we are increasing digital content that combines video and data analysis, and the Group is expanding globally. Our "Values, Purpose, and Mission" express what Nikkei is now and will be in the future.
The Purpose is embodied in the words "Think and Communicate." We will think about events and problems and communicate solutions and implications. We will continuously deliver excellent content including articles, advertisements, and services. All in all, we are working for a freer and more prosperous world. Today, values such as freedom and democracy are being shaken and authoritarianism is expanding. Poverty and inequality are growing, and there is an intensifying sense of social stagnation. Our ideal is a society that embraces competition and allows for individual independence and affluence. We earnestly hope to realize a freer and richer world.
The Mission expresses Nikkei's ideal image. Nikkei works to be the world's most fair and trusted media voice, aiding decisions through quality reporting and service. We believe that we must meet the high needs of our readers and customers and become an entity that they can rely on. Nikkei will create a space for transmitting information, encouraging career development, and enriching work and life.
Nikkei will soon celebrate its 150th anniversary. The principles that our employees have shared throughout this long history are expressed in our Values. "Independence" makes us fair and neutral, "Quality" is a continued pursuit, "Innovation" expands horizons, and "Diversity" is being cultivated.
We believe that our work can help the world and resolve social issues. Nikkei communicates these goals to its employees each day, and fulfills its social responsibility by supporting their growth. We will continue to foster trust by honestly adhering to the principle of "Think and Communicate."

Tsuyoshi Hasebe
Tsuyoshi Hasebe
President & CEO
Nikkei Inc.