Becoming a Cutting-Edge "Tech-Driven Nikkei"


Today, as the world faces many challenges, the shared value of globalism is being threatened by, among other forces, rising protectionism in the West and terrorism worldwide. In these uncertain times with fake, "manufactured" news, and when expectations for quality are high, real media companies are essential. Nikkei, together with its prominent partner the Financial Times (FT) Group, Britain's premier economic media group, will give readers the highest quality of journalism that looks keenly at the world and Japan as well as the possibilities for the future using accurate information and analysis.

We have set the new goal of becoming "a tech-driven Nikkei." Communicating is becoming more and more diversified with smartphones, SNS and other tools. The ways to express yourself are growing from text to images, videos, audio and graphics. Nikkei aims to be a media company developing and using cutting-edge digital technology that delivers the information you want, when you want it, in a way that is easy to understand and is highly effective. We are already researching and developing new information technology and services that use artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Using outstanding content and new technology as our two pillars, our Global Expansion & Growth strategy will continue to help us grow in collaboration with FT. The Nikkei Online Edition is now one of the world's leading media websites, with about 600,000 paid subscribers. The readership of the Nikkei Asian Review, which informs the world of economic issues in Asia, is also growing steadily. Nikkei will provide news in collaboration with FT and will develop the wide range of services indispensable for global business through information services, human resource education and by holding events. Our global presence will grow.

In media, nothing is more important than employing the right people. Nikkei promotes diversity by creating more effective workplaces for women and for employees from other countries. We will continue to attract dedicated talent and become a company where all employees feel they can, without any limitation, reach their potential. Nikkei will change in ways that are not bound by convention and will improve how every employee can work.

Naotoshi Okada
President and CEO
Nikkei Inc.