In addition to our flagship publication, The Nikkei, specialized papers cover specific areas of the economy in depth. A loyal readership and a valued reputation for reliability characterize all papers, which together constitute the foundation of the Nikkei group.Printed in Japan and overseas, our newspapers bring the latest business and economic news to the readers worldwide.

The Nikkei

The Nikkei has earned high marks from readers for its timely and objective coverage of economic and business information - including corporate news, domestic and global macroeconomic trends, and investment and management strategies. A whole new news website was launched in March 2010, with the combination of our trusted information and the latest information technologies. The Nikkei Online Edition ( provides users with information faster, deeper, and with more convenience.

The Nikkei MJ

The Nikkei MJ (marketing journal) casts a spotlight on the consumer economy, which generates 60 percent of Japan's GDP, and covers lifestyles, consumption patterns and service industries. The newspaper captures and analyzes business and consumer trends from the perspective of marketing as an activity that connects materials with technologies, technologies with products and products with consumers. The paper's approach is to present pages that are easy to read, fashionable and informative, with ample use of color.


The NIKKEI VERITAS published every Sunday by Nikkei Inc., is packed with information about ever-changing market trends, corporate value analysis and financial products. It will also carry longer stories pointedly focused on the flow of money around the globe and the latest investment issues.
Typeset horizontally, the paper will feature many color pages and layouts arranged to make it easy for our readers to quickly absorb the information. For instance, several pages will be devoted to listing stock names in the order of the 50-character Japanese kana syllabary.

NIKKEI Financial

Your digital crystal ball into the future of finance NIKKEI Financial is an online publication for executives and professionals standing at the forefront of global finance. Covering everything from banking, insurance and securities to fintech and ESG, the latest offering from Japan's leader in global business news delivers the essential and profitable intelligence industry insiders need. Beyond providing forward-looking content such as expert analysis by Nikkei journalists and contributions from key government officials, NIKKEI Financial forms a true community space for readers to debate a wide range of topical and relevant themes. Registered members will also receive newsletters and invitations to special events and seminars.