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Subtle changes in Physicians' use of Digital Tools for Obtaining Medical Information: Post-COVID Survey

A survey conducted by Nikkei Research in November 2023 suggests that the growing transition to war ds physicians obtaining medical information from digital tools, rather than through medical representatives (MRs) has slowed following the COVID 19 pandemic. I n March 2023 , a similar survey showe d that 71% of physicians were using digital tools, but in the November survey , the percentage was down to 65%. Meanwhile, while the percentage of physicians obtaining information from MRs remained unchanged at 35%. Interestingly, younger physicians, though more comfortable with digital technology, relied increasingly on MRs.

The survey also revealed limited satisfaction among physicians with the efforts of pharmaceutical companies towards digital transformation (DX). 42% of the physicians either did not know or did not think that any of the 29 listed companies were making progress in DX. This could indicate a sense of disappointment among the medical profession regarding the pharmaceutical industry's approach to DX.

The medical profession is experiencing upheaval in the face of a serious shortage of personnel and long working hours, and there are high expectations for DX. If physicians perceive pharmaceutical companies' efforts in DX as profit-driven, rather than aimed at improving the quality of medical care, disillusionment may spread. Surveys can be a valuable tool for understanding the real concerns of front-line physicians and thereby gaining insights on their attitudes to DX in the post COVID-19 era.

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