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Nikkei FTRI ?

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Nikkei FTRI was established in April 1999 as a subsidiary of R&I, the largest rating agent in Japan, specializing in providing risk management software and consulting services.

Currently, Nikkei FTRI is wholly owned by Nikkei Inc. and has an excellent reputation with risk management associations in Japan. The company's numerous clients include banks, financial institutions, asset management companies, and government agencies.

We provide risk financial institutions with management solution systems for monitoring, stress testing, model validation, and credit ratings. We also offer investment decision support information services, such as Nikkei news sentiment and fraud accounting scores, to hedge funds and asset management companies. Sentiments and scores are extracted from numerous types of data by means of sophisticated analytical techniques.

Core strength

Nikkei FTRI has specialized in financial data analytics since its inception and has been providing related support to its clients.

SMACOM, in particular, offers unique varieties of information that help professional investors to make investment decisions. It achieves this using scores and data analyzed by Nikkei FTRI. SMACOM attracts portfolio managers and quant analysts with its outputs, which are extracted from and calibrated based on many types of data. These include corporate disclosures, news, microeconomic and macroeconomic data, and alternative data such as POS, among other forms of financial information. SMACOM is able to draw on Nikkei's deep pool of valuable source data. Nikkei has widely been recognized as the largest economic and corporate news media conglomerate in Asia. SMACOM covers about 40,000 listed companies in 51 major markets, including most of the economies of the OECD countries.