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The 4th Nikkei SDGs Management Survey: Japanese Companies' Progress Toward Sustainability

Nikkei Research conducted the 4th Nikkei SDGs Management Survey from May through July 2022. All publicly listed companies and privately held companies with over 100 employees were invited to participate, and a total of 886 companies did so. While there are 3,925 publicly listed companies in Japan (at the time of the survey), 21% (824 companies) responded. On top of this, 62 privately held companies have also answered the survey.

Among the 886 companies, eight were each given a top-tier 5-star rating. Evaluated in four categories, (SDGs strategy/economic value, social value, environmental value, and governance), the 5-star companies earned over 70 as a standard score (while the average was 50).

NIKKEI SDGs Management Survey 5-star companies of 2022

Based on the survey results, the SDGs Management Awards were announced by Nikkei. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group won the Grand Prize for 2022. Among the other winners, Kirin Holdings garnered the SDGs Strategy/Economic Value Award, Omron took the Social Value Award, and Ricoh earned the Environmental Value Award.

Winners of the NIKKEI SDGs Management Awards 2022

In addition, in the rankings that focused on each company's efforts in promoting GX (Green Transformation) efforts, Asahi Group Holdings topped the list. Seiko Epson and Ricoh followed as a tied 2nd. The top 500 companies were announced as the "GX500" on the newly launched Nikkei GX (https://vdata.nikkei.com/prime/gx/gx500/)*.
*The site is in Japanese and viewable to paid subscribers only.

Top 10 of the GX500 Overall Ranking

Please access the following link for more details on the survey results and our analysis.


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