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Generative AI as a Companion of Humans: Findings from Nikkei Research's Survey Results

Nikkei Research has conducted an online survey about generative AI, focusing on business. Registered Nikkei ID members (i.e., subscribers to Nikkei media) were invited to participate, and a total of 2,099 responses were collected from April 3rd to 6th, 2023.

Particularly since the launch of ChatGPT, an interactive AI chatbot developed by the company OpenAI with an increasingly high public presence, generative AI has become a top concern, whether reactions have been positive or negative. The excitement about this technology is growing day by day.

In the survey, Nikkei Research investigated how people in business are facing the utilization of this new tool. While more than 7 in 10 people show interest in the technology, 1 in 5 already use it at work.

The most common current reason for use was "research" at 57%, followed by "gathering ideas" at 51% and "creating texts" at 48%. Use for "research" purposes was popular across many industries, from manufacturing to retail, finance, and healthcare. On the other hand, the adoption of the technology for "programming/coding assistance" was seen to be advancing in industries such as IT and machinery.

According to a Nikkei Research survey, the purpose of using generative AI centered on business was "research".

For the most effective task, "making research more efficient" (76%) was the top choice among the respondents. "Translation into other languages" and use to "enhance writing" followed.

Research efficiency was the most effective challenge for business-centric generative AI, according to a Nikkei Research study.

With the further penetration of generative AI, three-quarters of the total (25% "strongly agree" and 50% "agree") think it will help their work.

According to a survey by Nikkei Research, three-quarters of all people believe that generative AI will be useful in their work as it becomes more widespread in the future.

There were notable mentions of the still low levels of accuracy and precision, although, despite the quality, the majority of respondents felt the technology was already good enough for supplementary tasks. People are becoming more curious about achieving skills to better make use of it.

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