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Survey Findings: Patient Perspectives on Biosimilars


Nikkei Research Inc. has conducted an online survey on biosimilars - products that share similarities with original reference biologic pharmaceuticals. The survey was carried out in March 2022, targeting patients who are receiving biopharmaceuticals to treat age-related macular degeneration, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, or diabetes. The study was intended to investigate current patient treatment issues as well as patient awareness of and preferences regarding biosimilars. A total of 400 responses were collected (with100 for each disease type).

Compared with conventional drugs (i.e., small-molecule drugs), biopharmaceuticals have better therapeutic efficacy, have fewer side effects, and are applicable to a wider range of diseases. However, they are more difficult to manufacture and have higher production costs. To overcome these disadvantages, biosimilars come into play. The price of biosimilars is set at 70% of the original price of biopharmaceuticals in Japan, allowing the reduction of out-of-pocket expenses for patients.

In the study, we found that less than 30% of those asked knew about biosimilars, even though financial burdens constitute the most significant issue for patients undergoing continuous treatment using biopharmaceuticals.



After presenting the advantages of biosimilars with the "same or similar efficacy and safety as the original biopharmaceuticals, offered at 70% of original medicine's price," over half of the respondents showed favorable attitudes regarding their use. However, it was indicated that physician recommendations are strongly necessary to boost further intention to use biosimilars.


The survey further covers patients' use of information sources on diseases and biosimilars, as well as reasons for using or not using biosimilars. Nikkei Research has analyzed the results by each disease type.

For more details on the survey findings, please visit the following link.

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