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What is

QUICK is a leading information provider in Japan that independently gathers, surveys and analyzes information and data latent in markets. It then evaluates such material with a specialist's eye, transforming it into knowledge that brings true value to our customers.

Moreover, QUICK provides valuable innovative services that empower clients in financial and capital markets to make decisions. "QUICK Data Factory" is a platform that mainly covers Japanese alternative data provided by QUICK itself and by other information vendors. As the future unfolds, more data from our business partners will be added. The data will be provided through an easy format such as API, while personal information and the like will be eliminated.

QUICK makes it possible for customers to efficiently acquire various types of high-value-added data. "QUICK Japan Earnings Flash" shows earnings summaries and financial overviews of all Japanese stocks in English on a dedicated website. Flash reports are published promptly after earnings announcements. Summaries are generated by AI, allowing investors to grasp key points instantly. The service, therefore, can help clients to discover superior stocks that have gone unnoticed because of a lack of information.

Core strength

QUICK first began to deliver real-time stock price information through a standalone terminal in 1971. Today, however, QUICK provides not only accurate price information but also the unique, credible and trusted data required for market and corporate analysis. "QUICK Monthly Survey" polls a wide range of market participants regarding the market outlook, while the "Financial Results Score" statistically calculates the impact on stock prices of earnings results and earnings forecast revisions disclosed by companies. In addition, "QUICK Consensus" aggregates analyst forecasts for the widest coverage of Japanese equities. The above features can all be accessed on our "QUICK Data Factory" platform. The extensive information and data QUICK carries continue to increase day by day.