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Nikkei National Geographic Releases a Photography Book, Happy Moments of Animals (Expanded Edition)


In July 2021, Nikkei National Geographic Inc. released an expanded edition of its popular photography book Happy Moments of Animals: BORN TO BE HAPPY. This updated version features a selection of fresh new photographs that have been added to the book originally published in 2016.

The book is a collection of photographs capturing animals all around the world enjoying happy moments. The original edition presented images of baby animals snuggling with their parents, as well as being full of scenes of animals eating, playing, and sharing love. It received many positive reviews from readers who were cheered by this celebration of the free and delightful spirits of animals. The new expanded edition comes with photographs taken during the five years since the original edition was published, and it again delivers a collection of joyful moments to its readers.

It is packed full of bright, uplifting images and text created through patient and careful observation. Each time you turn a page, you are sure to be filled with a feeling of comfort and happiness.


Author Yukihiro Fukuda is an acclaimed Japanese photographer who is known for capturing animals in the midst of joy. Dubbed a "happy wildlife photographer," his representative photography books include Bunny Island and Snow Monkey. He decided to become a wildlife photographer in 1981, after becoming fascinated by the splendor of the Japanese cranes he saw in Kushiro, Hokkaido while on spring break during his first year in high school. He currently actively focuses on the three themes of animals, underwater pictures, and scenery.

With his motto "Mountains and oceans are both great!", he enjoys traveling to many natural destinations and spends a great deal of time shooting at his favorite locations and wherever there are animals to be found.

In 2003, he was a winner of the US Nature's Best International Photography Awards in the categories of animal photography and endangered species photography. He also was named the British BBC's Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 in the animal category.

His photographs capturing a group of Japanese macaques in Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture appeared in the July 2008 issue of National Geographic (English edition) and delighted readers worldwide.

Nikkei National Geographic also enthusiastically publishes the original works of Japanese photographers and other photographers based in Japan. Below are some examples of photography books we have released so far.

PLANET OF WATER (by Junji Takasago)
Water connects lives and creates a beautiful planet.

Tales of Wisteria (by Ryo Tajima, Ashikaga Flower Park)


These stunning photographs capure breathtaking views and were taken by an ex-indoor-loving photographer on vacation.

Jewels in the night sea (by Ryo Minemisu)
A carefully curated collection of the best shots taken by a man who has been capturing the mystery of the ocean for 28 years.

Nikkei National Geographic was founded in September 1994 as a joint investment by Nikkei BP and the National Geographic Society of the United States to publish the Japanese edition of National Geographic magazine.

While being responsible for publishing the Japanese edition, Nikkei National Geographic has been serving as an information source for National Geographic in Japan, by releasing books, DVDs and digital publications and by delivering news via the Internet.

Nikkei BP works as an overseas copyright contact for photography and other books originally published by Nikkei National Geographic, and it introduces its works to a wide range of readers in Europe, the United States and Asia.

The books noted here are just a few examples of the unique, high-quality publications offered by Nikkei BP. We cover a wide range of fields, from business skills useful for career opportunities and professional fields of technology to lifestyle categories such as health and culture. We are keen to see our books published in other languages and welcome requests from publishers, agents and companies interested in translation licensing.

Please contact us for more information on the foreign rights to our uniquely positioned and unmissable books.

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