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Cyber Initiative Tokyo | 2023


The threats of cyberattacks, which include the use of ransomware, are increasing rapidly. Surging geopolitical risks are also behind the expansion of such threats. We can no longer make appropriate business decisions if we consider geopolitical risks and cyberspace threats as separate issues. Businesses are required to strengthen their preparedness against the pressures of cybercrime through global cooperation that goes beyond the boundaries of industry, government, and academia.

The rapid digital shift and the development of DX following the COVID-19 pandemic have led to growing attack surfaces for cyber attackers. While technological innovation is a major driving force for businesses, it can also serve as a weapon for attackers in cyberspace. The possibility of cyberattacks that exploit generative AI such as ChatGPT has been pointed out, causing much discussion since the end of last year. Those involved in all corporate activities must consider cyber security as a critical management issue.

Amid these trends, this Conference will focus on cross-industry and public-private partnerships from a global perspective, bringing together cyber security experts from Japan and overseas for open discussions on issues in corporate management, policies, legal systems, technology, and more. The aim is to facilitate information-sharing among corporate executives and government officials. The discussion sessions will be streamed online in Japanese and English, allowing dissemination of the latest topics on cybersecurity to overseas viewers.

Partnerships among industry, government, and academia will have even more significance for work performed together in order to discuss countermeasures against various threats. Cyber Initiative Tokyo will bring together experts in different fields from Japan and overseas for in-depth discussions on issues requiring diverse specialized perspectives for finding solutions.

The objective of Cybernet Initiative

Cyber Initiative Tokyo will bring together experts from various fields from Japan and overseas

Overview of Cyber Initiative Tokyo 2022

Date December 7th (Wednesday) and 8th (Thursday), 2022
Attending method Online
Organizer Nikkei Inc., Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Number of Pre-registrants
Japan 1,257
Overseas 1,822
Total 3,097
Number of Viewers
Day 1 2,271 UD
Day 2 1,733 UD


Sponsors:Deloitte,IBM,TREND MICRO,BlackBerry,servicenow,NTT,Secureworks,DARKTRACE,Sateraito Office and ZENMU TECH

【Outline: Cyber Initiative Tokyo 2023】

Organizer Nikkei Inc., Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Cooperation (planned) Japan Cyber Security Innovation Committee
Keio University Global Research Institute
Dates December 7th (Thursday) and December 8th (Friday), 2023
Venue Nikkei Hall/Nikkei Conference Room (planned)
Admission fee None

*All sessions will be distributed online, and some audiences will participate offline depending on the situation

Cyber Initiative Tokyo 2023: Online distribution special site

More than 90% of viewers who visited the dedicated streaming website for Cyber Initiative Tokyo 2022 replied that they were able to view the online programs comfortably. (This figure represents the total replies for viewed "comfortably" and "somewhat comfortably.") The event successfully provided content that proved satisfactory to our viewers. Afterwards, we uploaded the archived video onto the event's official website. We will continue to upgrade this year's event and provide the official website with even higher usability.

(Ref.) Cyber Initiative Tokyo 2022 Websites

 (Ref.)Cyber Initiative Tokyo 2022 Websites:Viewing site,Event site and youtube

Media appearance

Media appearance:The Nikkei,The Nikkei Business Daily and Nikkei Asia

For further details, please contact:
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.



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