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Not only business - Nikkei BP's books cover a wide array of topics


Nikkei BP is known for its highly advanced media that explores numerous aspects of business, technology and lifestyle. Moreover, through its merger with Nikkei Publishing Inc., Nikkei BP has further enriched its offerings, expanding its reach into new cultural and intellectual fields.

We now publish many books for adults who enjoy quality time away from work. Our extensive lineup includes books on matters as varied as history, golf and other sports, wine and sake, and health.

■History-related books are popular among intellectually curious adults

The "World History of Accounting & Finance" has sold a total of 90,000 copies in Japan and is now being published in a manga version. It tells the story of accounting, which at first glance seems complicated and difficult to understand. However, the book provides a new kind of intellectual entertainment that allows readers to acquire knowledge of accounting in historical context. With its exciting and entertaining tone, it depicts the development of commerce, the birth of new industries and the people and money involved. In addition, we have published historical books on themes that include the global battle for resources and power, the fight against infectious diseases such as the plague and smallpox, the unknown history of diamonds as a symbol of desire that has long fascinated humanity, and women who have made important contributions to history such as France's Joan of Arc.

■Golf books and stories of athletes

To commemorate Hideki Matsuyama's golf victory in April this year, which made him the first Japanese player to win a major men's championship, we published a special work detailing the trajectory of his success to date. We also offer other golf books appealing to many different types of readers, including instructional works and essays for mature players. We provide books that directly teach the essentials of golf by focusing on 11 legendary golf players, including Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus.

Other Nikkei BP books focus on famous athletes such as the renowned Major League Baseball player Ichiro Suzuki. This work was written by a Seattle-based author who reported extensively about Ichiro and collected testimonies from his teammates. Further examples include our books on prominent Japanese professionals such as Sadaharu Oh and Hideki Matsui.

One of our long sellers in Japan was written by an author who developed a "success method" that has been practiced by Shohei Ohtani, a Major League Baseball player who has attracted much attention this year. A manga version of this work has also been published.

■Books on alcohol and health

Books on wine and sake that are full of knowledge and interesting stories are also popular among businesspeople. "The Japanese Guide to Healthy Drinking: Advice from a Sake-Loving Doctor on How Alcohol Can Be Good for You" was released by the UK publisher Little, Brown Book Group in 2020. The book has been published in English, Traditional Chinese and Korean, and contracts have been signed for versions in Simplified Chinese, Thai and Italian. Introductions to wine and sake history and lore are selling well in China, Korea and Taiwan.

Making the most of the network of Nikkei Medical, a magazine Nikkei BP publishes for doctors, health-related books that support time-pressed businesspeople deliver copious and reliable information from doctors. We publish many health books on medical matters, beauty and wellness that are full of appealing visuals. "Ultimate Stretching," a special book by an orthopedic surgeon, has been translated and published not only in Korea and Taiwan but also in the Russian and Estonian languages, expanding its readership worldwide.

The books noted here are just a few examples of the unique, high-quality publications offered by Nikkei BP. We are keen to see our books published in other languages and welcome requests from publishers, agents and companies interested in translation licensing.

Please contact us for more information on the foreign rights to our uniquely positioned and unmissable books.

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