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Books by Popular Foreign Authors Originally Published in Japanese


Making the most of the expertise and networks of its overseas correspondents in New York, Silicon Valley, London, Shanghai and Bangkok as well as reporters specializing in the business, technology and lifestyle fields, Nikkei BP has published originally edited Japanese books by Jim Rogers, Kelly McGonigal, and other influential foreign figures. We are looking for licensing partners for translation and publication of these Nikkei BP books from Japanese to other languages, to convey to readers around the world new aspects of the attractiveness of globally known figures that have been discovered by Japanese journalists.

The Age of Crisis, by Jim Rogers, was published in 2020. It is a compilation of an initial interview lasting some ten hours and follow-up interviews with the legendary investor, edited by Ayako Hirono, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Nikkei BP's business magazine Nikkei Business. Jim Rogers is an extremely popular and iconic figure in Japan and other Asian countries, and this book, originally published in Japanese, sold a total of 60,000 copies. As soon as the book was out in Japan, translation requests flooded in from South Korea, China, and Taiwan, and the book has since been published in the language of each such country.

Ms. Hirono, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Nikkei Business, is one of our reporters who interviewed Jim Rogers for the book. She holds a Master's degree in public policy from Princeton University in the United States. Through her experience and personal connections with many economists and academics in business management, she was also involved in the publication of The World's Best Lessons on Management (Sekai Saikohono Keiei Kyoshitsu) in 2020. This work compiled exclusive interviews with 17 of the world's leading researchers, including Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, and Henry Mintzberg. With its interdisciplinary approach of bringing together cutting-edge insights on business and management from the world's best academics, the book is highly recommended as one of a kind by prominent Japanese scholars.

In 2016, Nikkei BP also published a Japanese book titled Simple Rules for Successful Life: Based on a Widely Popular Psychology Course at Stanford University, compiling essays written by Dr. Kelly McGonigal. She is the author of global best seller The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It, which sold 600,000 copies.

Simple Rules for Successful Life re-edited her series of articles featured in Nikkei Business Associate, a magazine for young business professionals published by Nikkei BP. The book focuses on 25 topics covering various challenges and concerns faced by Japanese business people. These range from business skills including "time management" and "how to set goals" and communication skills including "effective chatting" and "perfect apology" to stress management skills. It has proven popular with Japanese readers, as the author Dr. Kelly McGonigal provides clues to solutions from a scientific perspective based on the results of studies by Stanford University, Harvard University and other world-leading research institutions, rather than relying only on strong will. Already published in China, South Korea and Taiwan, the book enjoys strong support from readers in these countries.

Moreover, Nikkei BP published two books by Garr Reynolds originally in Japanese: Simple Presentation (2011) and The World's Best Lessons on Presentation (2016). Reynolds is the best-selling author of Presentation Zen, which was released in more than 20 countries worldwide and sold 500,000 copies. Simple Presentation teaches readers the secrets of concise presentation, and The World's Best Lessons on Presentation provides readers with useful tips on how to incorporate a "story" in their presentations to attract the attention of audience. The content is structured with easy-to-understand explanations and many informative slides. It allows readers to deepen their understanding even more with an 80-minute commentary video (in DVD format) included with each title.

The books introduced here are just some examples of unique, high-quality publications offered by Nikkei BP. We cover a wide range of fields from business skills useful for career opportunities and professional fields of technology to lifestyle categories such as health and culture. We are keen to see our books published in other languages and welcome requests from publishers, agents and companies interested in translation licensing. Please contact us for more information on the foreign rights to our uniquely positioned and unmissable books.

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