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Beyond Health:Top Five Keywords for Foreseeing the Healthcare Industry in 2022

As the average life expectancy in Japan continues to rise, the country is seen as entering an era of "100 years of healthy life." A number of social issues are arising as a result of this change, as well as from Japan's declining birthrate. They include changes in disease structure, increased social security costs, and uneven distribution of medical resources by region. To solve such social problems, the country must transform its overall healthcare system, which involves new responses to general health, medical issues, and elderly care.

Extending healthy life expectancy, however, is only a steppingstone. We are aiming beyond the resolution of limited social issues, seeking to create a society in which more people can live their lives in comfort and feel motivated and happy to achieve long, healthy lives. To achieve this, it is required to generate technological innovation and new values by uniting the wisdom of all players without being constrained by industrial business and categories.

Beyond Health, launched in 2019, is an online information source that delivers the latest news on people, goods and ideas with the potential to inspire disruptive innovation in Japanese healthcare. It provides a platform for creating a future wellness system by joining hands with stakeholders around the world.

This article will introduce the top five keywords for foreseeing the trajectory of the healthcare industry in 2022, which were picked by our editors.

Top Five Keywords for Foreseeing the Healthcare Industry in 2022

It's time to bring together the wisdom of all players for more discussion

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Top Five Keywords

(1) Cancer Screening

To begin with, what is cancer screening? Beyond Health defines it as "screening consumers to identify who should receive cancer tests or medical services before symptoms appear." (For more information, please see our article "What is Cancer Screening?") Cancer prevention is medically classified into three categories: primary (avoid risky behaviors that can lead to cancer by reconsidering lifestyle habits), secondary (receive medical examination to detect and treat cancer at an early stage), and tertiary prevention (receive treatment such as anticancer drugs to prevent recurrent cancers after surgery). Cancer screening serves as a bridge to the secondary prevention stage.

(2) Healthcare Meister

Beyond Health defines a "Healthcare Meister" as someone in your neighborhood who can give some advice to improve your health before any severe symptoms appear. Pharmacies and pharmacists can play this role, as can others, such as hairstylists and beauty salon personnel.

(3) Pocket Doctor

A "Pocket Doctor" is a remote medical/elderly care consultation service that can be accessed anywhere within a living space, as if it were carried in one's pocket. Such online services are gradually expanding to provide patients with medical consultation, medication guidance, and rehabilitation sessions, all taking place virtually through screens.

(4) Aging Control

Aging control aims to reduce the age-related functional decline of organs and cognition to promote longer lives marked by better health. As seen in the well-known case of the US company Google entering this field by establishing a startup named Calico, various research institutes in Japan and elsewhere are starting to report findings from recent related studies.

(5) Wellbeing

The word "wellbeing" refers to a state of happiness or a fulfilled condition - mentally and socially as well as physically. To achieve wellbeing, it is important to create circumstances in which a person is mentally and socially fulfilled, even if their physical health is impaired.

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