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Digitalization in the Japanese Healthcare Industry

In October, Nikkei Research Inc. and Nikkei BP jointly held a webinar that explored certain issues relating to healthcare and technology. Editorial Director Daisaku Yamazaki of Nikkei Medical shared his thoughts on the still-low popularity of telemedicine in Japan, compared with some western countries. He unraveled the historical background and multiple causes holding back the expansion of this type of treatment. Mr. Yamazki also offered predictions about how the digitalization of the healthcare industry would proceed in Japan and the implications of future possessing of and access to related digital data assets, both internally and outside any single organization.

Minagi Kiwaki of Nikkei Research introduced the results of a special survey conducted prior to the webinar. A total of 91% of respondents had an awareness of "online medical care," and among those familiar with such services, only 11% have ever used them. Despite this low penetration rate, 70% of those who were familiar with online medical care but had not yet used it expressed at least a possible desire to do so in the future (based on the cumulative percentage of those answering "want to use" and "somewhat want to use"). Reasons for favoring online medical care and concerns surrounding it were also elucidated. The survey collected responses from a total of 1,064 men and women aged 16 and older in Japan. Questions covered awareness of online medical services, past use of them, intentions to use them in the future, concerns about them, and other related matters.

The online medical care system - awareness, penetration and intentions

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