2022.07.01 Daryl Neo appointed as Special Executive Officer of Nikkei's Asia regional HQ

1 July 2022 - Daryl Neo has been appointed Special Executive Officer of Nikkei Group Asia Pte Ltd, Nikkei's Asian regional headquarters in Singapore. Formerly an SGX regulator, Neo is the founding director and CEO of DC Frontiers, a Singapore-based award-winning data technology company known for its brand Handshakes. This is the first time for Nikkei to appoint a Special Executive Officer outside Japan.

NeoŠ░Ć.jpgAs an entrepreneur with seasoned knowledge of financial sectors in Asia, Neo will bring his expertise and leadership in business development activities for Nikkei's overseas services & solutions including scoutAsia.

ScoutAsia is an Asia-focused news and company data platform, jointly developed by Nikkei and the Financial Times in 2018. DC Frontiers came on board in 2019 to power the platform with its AI technologies to process data and articles, and introduced bespoke data solutions as a new product offering. Neo played a leading role in driving business success as the Chief Commercial Officer of Nikkei FT ScoutAsia Limited (Hong Kong), until the business was transferred to the parent company Nikkei Inc. earlier this year.

Neo commented as follows: "Nikkei Inc has a history of being a first-mover in adopting technology and boldly redefining the way news is produced, processed, and consumed. My team and I are deeply honored to play a part in the next wave of exciting innovations Nikkei Inc will bring to the world."

President and CEO Tsuyoshi Hasebe of Nikkei Inc. commented as follows: "We are thrilled and excited to welcome Daryl into this new role in our regional HQ in Singapore. He impressed us greatly, not least with his expertise, but also his vision for Nikkei's business expansion outside Japan, and the value he brings into our team on enhancing talent development.We believe that Daryl plays a prominent role to bring added customer value to our corporate services by combining our quality content and technology."

Nikkei Inc. took a minority stake in DC Frontiers in 2019 in order to enhance its corporate services for the overseas markets.

About ScoutAsia

ScoutAsia is an Asia-focused news and company data platform with the ultimate aim of making Asia more accessible to foreign businesses. Combining quality content and technology, scoutAsia provides AI-driven insights on what is changing in Asian businesses.