Channel JAPAN


As part of its global strategy, Nikkei is involved in broadcasting across Asia through a partnership with leading Japanese TV network Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, or TBS. The centerpiece of this endeavor is Channel JAPAN, an English-language program that delivers the latest Japanese economic and business news, along with coverage of trends, culture and technology.

Segments are produced through close collaboration with Nikkei group companies: TV Tokyo Holdings, Nikkei CNBC and Nikkei Visual Images. Channel JAPAN, which runs for two hours, features interviews with top corporate leaders. Clips from TV Tokyo's major programs, such as "World Business Satellite" and "Gaia no Yoake" (Dawn of Gaia), are also shown. Channel JAPAN is broadcast over the Asian network of CNBC, a U.S. business news channel and Nikkei partner. The program also airs in Vietnam and Indonesia over terrestrial networks; audio is available in the local languages.

Nikkei, as it expands its global presence, aims to increase the number of networks that air the show. Channel JAPAN also provides its sponsors -- leading Japanese corporations -- with a powerful tool for reaching consumers in Asia's booming economies.