A Global Media Company Creating New Value


The Nikkei marked its 140th anniversary in 2016. Since our founding in 1876 as the Chugai Bukka Shimpo (Domestic and Foreign Prices News), we have consistently provided high-quality reporting on economic and other news while maintaining fairness and impartiality. The Nikkei brand has become synonymous with trustworthiness at home and abroad. The digital revolution has brought newspapers to a turning point. Some say this is the end of the road for traditional journalism. Yet, amid the constant flood of information, seasoned reporters and editors have a unique ability to separate the wheat from the chaff and offer trustworthy coverage. Newspapers are not losing their relevance; on the contrary, their responsibilities grow ever weightier.

In December 2015, Nikkei welcomed the distinguished British business news media, the Financial Times (FT) as a group member. The Nikkei-FT alliance will be an indispensable information and knowledge source for anyone involved in global business, and strive to solidify its position as the world's most respected economic news organization.

Nikkei Inc. offers a range of media platforms to satisfy the diverse needs of our readers. At the core of these services is The Nikkei, which has a circulation of approximately three million. Adding further depth to our offerings are our premium content and strong digital technology, all underpinned by our excellent people. The number of paying subscribers to the Nikkei Online Edition, which was launched in 2010, has surpassed 570,000. Our fee-based online services have one of the largest readerships in the world among newspaper publishers. The online edition is set to evolve from a medium for providing news to readers into a tool that helps people advance their careers.

In 2013, we kicked off the Nikkei Asian Review, an English-language news media provided both online and as a weekly print magazine. The following year, we established an Editorial Headquarters for Asia in Bangkok to deepen our coverage of Asian economic news. In addition, we doubled the number of reporters stationed in Asia outside Japan. 2014 also saw the launch of Nikkei Group Asia Pte., a new company in Singapore tasked with spreading the Nikkei brand in the region. Our goal is nothing short of making Nikkei the leading media voice in Asia. The partnership with the FT will be a driving force for Nikkei to push through with "multi-media" and "globalization of business", the two strategies that are currently underway.

Our dedication to excellence does not end there. We aim to raise the ratio of women on our managerial staff to at least 15% by 2020. And in line with our push to become a truly global organization, Nikkei will step up hiring of foreign nationals. It is our belief that flexibility and diversity are key to producing original products and services. As such, we will continue innovating to create new value.

Naotoshi Okada
President and CEO
Nikkei Inc.