Long-Time Policy

Nikkei believes that a free market economy with a small government is the best policy to maximize Japanese welfare. This philosophy has a history going back to the late 19th century.

On Jan. 27, 1889, Chugai Bukka Shimpo was renamed Chugai Shogyo Shimpo to extend its news coverage from just prices to broader business issues. In its front page of the issue announcing the change of the name, then-editorial chief Seishiro Kimura wrote, "We are not interested in the kind of protectionism or liberalism which some extremists advocate.We believe that protectionism will badly affect our country, and freedom is necessary to expand the welfare and benefits of the general public. Our goal is to help enhance the prosperity of the business world. We should further promote opinions and measures that match this goal, and we should reject those that do not. It is necessary to have fair discourse so as to improve and develop business".