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Deliver Your Top Message to Stakeholders Around the World via Nikkei Asia

Check in for Growth

There is growing demand for companies to take a more proactive approach to environment/social/governance (ESG) related issues. In response to this situation, we will introduce the Nikkei Asia Top Message Plan, which will directly deliver your company's Top Message in English to stakeholders all over the world.

1 Growing Presence of Activists
In recent years, the number of activists and the amount of assets they manage have been increasing even in Japan. The presence of activists, especially from Europe, the U.S. and Asia, has been growing, and they have taken to criticizing companies in opinion ads and making actual shareholder proposals at shareholder meetings. This trend proves that companies come under scrutiny for their ESG measures, and the importance of disclosing accurate information to overseas stakeholders has never been greater.

2 Why Nikkei Asia?
Nikkei Asia has a worldwide readership as a global medium that reports on the forefront of Asia to the world from an Asian perspective. Our readers include the C-suite, and we have a prominent reach among corporate decision makers and investment professionals, enabling you to efficiently and effectively reach out to influential Asia watchers.

Why Nikkei Asia ?

3 Outline of Top Message Plan
Both print and digital versions are available at a price of 3 million yen, including production and publication costs. The English content can be reprinted or republished on your own website for secondary use.

Outline of Nikkei Asia Top Message Plan


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