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Latest Version of RADAR®: Japanese Household Financial Assets Database Released by Nikkei Research


Nikkei Research Inc. has released a new version of its financial database product, RADAR®: Japanese Household Financial Assets Database. It contains valuable information that is based on over 40 years of annual household survey results.

The RADAR® survey asks respondents about their incomes, expenditures, and financial assets, as well as their attitudes about the current financial environment and intentions related to certain investment products. The survey is conducted by postal mail and direct door-to-door contact within the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Those targeted are from households with more than 1 person aged 20 or above. The 2021 survey collected information from a total of 2,843 households.

Examples of Survey Items

  • Profile of Respondent
    Gender, age, job, industry, number of employees, marital status
  • Profile of Respondent's Spouse
    Age, job, industry, number of employees
  • Profile of Household
    Main decision maker, number of dependents, income, savings/investments
  • Attitudes and Awareness concerning the Current Financial Environment
     Saving/investment style, priorities, expectations regarding financial institutions, preferences for high-risk/high-return investments, frequency of various financial activities (i.e., consultation, ATM use, online transactions, etc.), financial literacy
  • Savings and Investments
    Usage, amounts, financial institutions, financial products (i.e., stocks, mutual funds, foreign currency, bonds, securities, NISA, iDeCo, etc.)
  • Financial Transaction Channels
    Preferred channels (by objective), sources of information
  • Life Insurance
    Types, companies, amounts, reasons for purchasing, claims and benefits received, sources of information
  • Individual Annuities
    Amounts, periods, types, intentions
  • Non-life Insurance
    Status, financial institutions
  • Saving/Investment for Retirement
    Views on retirement, status, types, amounts, inheritance
  • Possession of Financial Products
    Latest status of purchase, withdrawal, etc.
  • Credit Cards, E-money, Debit Cards, Online Payments
    Possession, usage
  • In-person/Not-in-person Channels
    Preferences (by objective)
  • Sales Agents
    Contact status, intentions toward interactions
  • Real Estate, Loans
    Possession, amounts, financial institutions, types
  • Fiduciary Duty (Customer-oriented Business)
    Contributions to accumulated savings and assets by entity types (i.e., city banks, regional banks, trust banks, securities companies, insurance companies)

By using the data that we collect, we gain a better understanding of matters such as changes in the investment preferences of different age groups and personal investment activity. For example, we have learned that many members of the younger generations are attracted to the Tsumitate NISA, a long-term tax-efficient investment account. Significant numbers of such people are now proactively moving to include these accounts in their portfolios. Another recent development is our increased and nuanced understanding of how people in different age groups have reacted to stock price declines caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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