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ESG Investment Attracting the Younger Generations in Japan


Nikkei Research Inc. has released the 2021 edition of its Financial RADAR® Special Survey. While a total of 30% of the respondents expressed an interest in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment, the survey revealed that young people were more enthusiastic (+8%) about this approach to financial decision making.


The Nikkei Research's Financial RADAR® research has been conducted annually since 1983. It focuses on elucidating the financial activities of general Japanese households, including their investment interests. Requests for participation are made and responses are collected through a combination of two methods - home visits and a mail-based survey. The Special Survey is a supplementary study conducted online. This year, the Special Survey targeted people aged 20 to 74 living within a 40-kilometer radius of the Tokyo metropolitan area. A total of 3,103 responses were collected.

The Special Survey asked people if they considered the ESG-related activities of potential investment targets when evaluating them. Furthermore, they were questioned about what types of activities would lead them to invest in such firms. There were clear differences by age group in terms of the emphasis placed on ESG. The younger generations seemed to be more highly motivated by social factors than they were by environmental considerations.


For more details on the results, please visit our website.


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