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A Top-Selling Accounting Guide - Exciting Stories on Famous Figures


World History of Accounting & Finance, which covers the history of accounting over the past 500 years in Italy, the UK and the US, was first published by Nikkei BP in 2018, and the book has sold 80,000 copies in Japan. With its remarkable sales figures in the accounting and finance book category, the book continues to garner much attention in a wide range of fields, and the author also gives guest speeches at lectures and on radio programs. Translated versions of the book have already been published in China, Taiwan and South Korea. We are keen to see this book translated into English and other languages and welcome requests from publishers.

World History of Accounting & Finance is one of a kind. The book basically explains the principles of accounting, but it does so without relying on numbers. Many people may want to learn accounting, but it is a difficult field that often makes beginners feel at a loss as to where to start.

To meet the needs of such readers, author Yasuhiro Tanaka first planned to publish a guidebook that would provide an overall picture of accounting. When he first compiled the table of contents, however, he felt that it was "not at all interesting," to be honest. Why are books on accounting so bland? He thought over this problem and discovered the answer. It was because books explaining the topic tend to lack a human touch. He realized that a book that merely lists numerical facts does not draw people's attention, and readers are unable to empathize with such a book. So, Tanaka took up the challenge of writing about accounting from an unprecedented angle that included human drama. His efforts finally gave birth to this entertaining book, which mixes elements of accounting with art and culture.

Featuring astonishing the human dramas behind the numbers, World History of Accounting & Finance is a book that is enjoyable to read while it also helps readers to learn about the topic at hand.

What is special about this book

The book features well-known figures who seem to have nothing to do with the accounting world, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn, Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry Ford, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, James O. McKinsey, Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Unknown stories surrounding these historical figures--their adventures and successes, conflicts, plots, betrayals, affections, joys and sorrows, glory and failure, art, inventions, new ventures and acquisitions--are revealed from the perspective of accounting.

Full of illustrations, photographs and charts that can be easily understood at a glance, readers are able to deepen their knowledge in many areas surprisingly well through the book's entertaining stories. Topics covered include bookkeeping, financial statements, financial accounting, management accounting, finance, IFRS and other principles of accounting. Although it is basically a book about accounting, you will not see any complicated numbers.

The author Yasuhiro Tanaka is an accountant who leads various initiatives in many fields. As the head of his own accounting firm, he provides consulting services on management and holds accounting seminars while also organizing joint events with rakugo (Japanese traditional comic storytelling) performers and kodan storytellers. He explains the basics and latest trends in corporate management and accounting seriously but casually (and sometimes humorously). His activities extend to many different areas, including writing other books and articles in newspapers and magazines. He also appears on a variety of radio and TV programs.

To date, World History of Accounting & Finance has been translated and published in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean. In the fall of 2021, the comic version and a second volume of the book with the same title will be on sale in Japan. The English translation rights are still open for the original World History of Accounting & Finance, its comic version and the second volume. Please contact us with your requests.

This book is just one of the numerous titles published by Nikkei Business Publications that have crossed borders in translation into other languages. Please contact us for more information on the foreign rights to our uniquely positioned and unmissable books.

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