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Comprehensive Report: "Volkswagen ID.3 Thoroughly Disassembled"


In the past, Nikkei Business Publications has disassembled advanced electric vehicles such as Nissan's "Leaf" and Tesla's "Model 3" and "Model S." It has done so in order to publish comprehensive reports aimed at unveiling the technological capabilities and the development strategies of automakers around the world. This time, we took a thorough look at European automaker Volkswagen's latest EV, the ID.3.


The ID.3 was developed by Volkswagen with the full cooperation of European parts manufacturers for the purpose of enabling the company to expand its global operations. We studied the details of the vehicle, from the EV-specific platform that will be used in all future EV series cars, to the powertrain, battery pack, interior components, electrical components and ECU. Traces of Volkswagen's various innovations in design are apparent, such as in the development of EV-specific parts that are both mass-producible and low in cost, and the sharing of parts with gasoline vehicles. In addition, we can see the progress of the integration of ECUs that Volkswagen is currently promoting.

The company's emphasis on software has led to the ICAS1 integrated ECU for vehicle body control and gateway systems, as well as the ICAS3 integrated ECU for information and HMI systems. In addition, the ID.3 is equipped with the latest automatic driving support system. We also investigated the car's component configuration and system overview. Other highlights include a thermal management system using a newly developed heat pump, a water-cooled battery pack with a new structure for recyclability and productivity, LED headlamps with automatic light distribution, seats with a massage function and a head-up display (HUD) using virtual reality (AR).

The report, priced at JPY800,000 for the print version alone and JPY1,200,000 for a print/digital package, was published in July. It includes 361 images of the vehicle body structure, powertrain and battery pack, as well as electrical components and ECUs. The report provides easy-to-understand explanations and analysis by experts from automotive parts manufacturers and materials suppliers. It also comes with a DVD that includes information on the ID.3 disassembling process.

See a teaser disassembly video:

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