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Mr. Teruyasu MurakamiMr. Teruyasu Murakami
Chief Counselor, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Mr. Murakami joined Nomura Research Institute(NRI) in 1968 and was engaged in numerous research and consulting projects. As a research and consulting manager he directed both Economic and Social Systems Department and Technology Strategy Department. He became member of the Board in 1996. After various positions, including director in charge of Internet business development of NRI, he became Representative Director-Executive Managing Director in 2001, to oversee Research & Consulting Sector, International Division and Research & Development. He assumed the present post in April 2002.

He is also Director of Tokyo Club Foundation for Global Studies. He is acting as chairman of Electronic Commerce Promotion Working Group of Nippon Keidanren and Business Steering Committee Member of GBDe(Global Business Dialogue on electronic commerce).

Mr. Murakami earned a B.A. in Economics (Kyoto University) and holds Master's degree in Public and International Affairs (University of Pittsburgh). He has authored (or co-authored) in English "Ubiquitous Networks : The New IT Paradigm," "The Governance Issues in a Digital Economy," "Strategy for Creation"(also in Japanese, Spanish and Korean), "Global Insecurity," etc. He has also written and edited numerous books and papers in Japanese, including "Ubiquitous Networks," "The Emergent Creation of New Industries," "Future Perspectives for Cyber Society," "Social and Economic Systems in the Network Century" and "Future Sprouts."


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