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Mr. Duncan M. DavidsonMr. Duncan M. Davidson
Chairman, SkyPilot Network,Inc. [USA]
Duncan Davidson founded SkyPilot Network to build a global broadband network infrastructure based on WiFi using a mesh topology in unlicensed spectrum. Previously he co-founded Covad Communications (Nasdaq: COVD.OB), the largest independent DSL provider in the US. He serves on the board of Genuity, Inc. (Nasdaq: GENU), a tier 1 internet provider that was spun out of GTE following the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic to form Verizon. Prior to Covad, Mr. Davidson was involved in the planning and formation of some of the most significant efforts to create a "third pipe" alternative to the incumbent telecom and cable companies, including Americast, the interactive television venture of three major phone companies and Disney, and Spaceway, an advanced two-way satellite system developed by Hughes.

In addition, Mr. Davidson has been involved for 20 years with the protection of intellectual property with the advent of new technology. In the 1980s, he was one of the leading computer lawyers for these issues, and authored a seminal report of the American Bar Association on the legal protection of software. In the 1990s he worked at InterTrust Technologies (Nasdaq: ITRU) on digital rights management as a technical method of protecting digital content. InterTrust was recently purchased by a joint venture of Sony and Philips.

Duncan received a B.S. from Brown University in Physics-Mathematics and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School, where he was a member of the Law Review.


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