Global Information Summit 2003
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Even while the information communications industry remains sluggish globally, IT continues to deeply penetrate society and economy and is bringing about major changes to the real world with certainty. By connecting wireless LAN base stations in a mesh-like configuration, it is possible to develop a "mesh-type network" which is much faster, cheaper and denser than the networks we have had. And the building of such mesh-type networks is being achieved with the use of the latest technologies developed by U.S. venture companies and others. Given the possibility of the penetration of a network infrastructure represented by such "meshes" into society as a premise, new businesses and life styles can be expected to emerge. At the same time, such developments make it necessary to develop a secure network infrastructure, better defined rules for E-commerce, and a corresponding legal framework as the foundation to support such business. And international cooperation becomes even more critical.

The global focus on North America and Western Europe has shifted to expectations for new IT driving forces from Asia -- China with its rapidly growing Net population and Korea with its highest penetration of broadband services.

"The Global Information Summit" was first organized in 1998 by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. (NIKKEI), and since then, this summit has been one of the foremost international IT conferences in Japan. Held annually, this summit offers the world's top business leaders and government officials an opportunity to exchange ideas and information on contemporary challenges in the world of IT. No one besides us can organize such a prestigious conference like this. The conference attracts the Japanese businessmen's attention, with its prominent coverage in The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan's leading financial newspaper we publish daily.

Keynote lecturers we have invited in the past include Mr. Bill Gates (Chairman & CEO of Microsoft at that time) in 1999, Mr. Jorma Ollila(Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nokia) and Mr. Yoichi Morishita (President of Matsushita at that time) in 2000, Mr. William Kennard (Former Chairman of FCC) in 2001, and Sir. Peter Bonfield (Former Chief Executive, BT Group) in 2002.

The program of this year's summit, the sixth summit to be held, will feature a keynote speech and three sessions focusing on the theme "From Net to Mesh -- Building the Next-Generation Business Infrastructure." The session topics are session 1: "New Developments in Wireless Technology," session 2: "Creation of Ubiquitous Industry," and session 3: "Taking Up the Challenge of New IT Business." There will also be a special session, "Developing e-Asia: Regional Cooperation and Competition." Underlying the entire program will be a quest to give shape and meaning to what will be needed to develop the digital economy in this new stage -- the proper approach to foundation-building such as the infrastructure and regulations, effective policies for improving competitive strength, and the state of the art in technological trends. Top leaders of world-class corporations and policy planners will gather at the summit to discuss and debate both future possibilities and potential problems.

The content of the summit meetings will be reported broadly in the newspapers and publications of the Nikkei Group, as well as on this website.

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