Global Information Summit 2003
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"Nontech Infrastructure For Ubiquitous Society Crucial"
TOKYO (Nikkei)--On the second day of Global Information Summit 2003 on Wednesday, panelists discussed challenges that must be overcome in order to create a ubiquitous society which will give everyone easy access to information everywhere through all kinds of equipment.

In the session titled "Creation of Ubiquitous Network Industry," Hiroaki Yoshida, director of Toyota Motor Corp. (7203), stressed the importance of establishing a nontechnological infrastructure, such as a legal framework and social customs, for the ubiquitous society, enlisting a broad range of support from central and local governments and other sectors.

Noh Byung Park, executive vice president of South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co., defined the ubiquitous society as one in which linking up with a communications network is a matter of course for everyone. He pointed out some of the technological challenges to realizing such a society, including the need to improve communications speed and equipment performance.

"In the ubiquitous society, computers will require a human interface, which will enable users to operate them instinctively," said Akio Fujii, president of Microsoft Product Development Ltd.

Yoshiaki Kushiki, managing director of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (6752), said it is vital to develop networking products through a dialogue with users.

(The Nihon Keizai Shimbun Thursday morning edition)

Dr. Noh-Byung Park  Executive VP&CTO, R&D Center, Digital Media Network Business,Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. [Korea]
Mr. Hiroaki Yoshida  Director, Toyota Motor Corporation
Mr. Akio Fujii  President, Microsoft Product Development Limited
Mr. Yoshiaki Kushiki  Chief Counselor, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Mr. Teruyasu Murakami Chief Counselor, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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