Global Information Summit 2003
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Theme From Net to Mesh: Building the Next-Generation Business Infrastructure
Date February 18th (Tue), 19th (Wed), 2003
Venue Tokyo International Forum, Hall C (Yurakucho, Tokyo)

Information Summit Calls For Creating Networked Society

TOKYO (Nikkei)--Participants at the 2003 Global Information Summit sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. wrapped up the two-day event Wednesday by advising that progress be made on creating the basic foundation necessary for a networked society.

The proposal points out the importance of imagination needed to realize a digital society in which all information and communications equipment can connect to the Internet, of security and regulations to protect intellectual property rights, and of cooperation to advance corporate partnerships in Asia.

Earlier that day, a panel discussion essentially agreed that a ubiquitous networked society will really arrive around 2010.

In a session on electronic commercial transactions with Chinese firms, panelists including Corp. Chief Executive Officer Jack Ma debated the conditions necessary for corporate growth in this arena.

(The Nihon Keizai Shimbun Thursday morning edition)

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February 19th (Wed)
Special Speech
Mr. Toranosuke Katayama
Minister for Public Management, Home Affairs,
Posts and Telecommunications
Special Session "Developing e-Asia: Regional Cooperation and Competition"
Korea is the worlds foremost broadband powerhouse. China has shown continuous rapid growth in IT development. Japan leads in the mobile field etc. The current expectation is that the countries of Asia cooperate and contribute as the new driving force for the world's IT. During this session we shall grope on the possibilities and issues regarding how Korea, China and Japan that form the core of Asia's IT development can collaborate with each other and shall discuss IT policies for increasing international competitiveness.
Dr. Seung-Taik Yang Invited Researcher of Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute,Former Minister of Information and Communication [Korea]
Mr. Dong Yunting Chairman, China Center of Information Industry Development
Dr. Yoshio Tsukio Senior Advisor, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs,Posts and Telecommunications
Mr. Yasuhiro Goto Editorial Writer, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.(Nikkei)
Session2 "Creation of Ubiquitous Network Industry"
In the so-called "ubiquitous society," where networks will penetrate deeply into society and people's lives, making use of IT will expand far beyond the world of using our personal computers to handle Web access and E-mail. This concept embodies possibilities for diversifying into new forms which we cannot envision at present. As virtually everything in our social infrastructures and most electrical appliances become connected with these networks, we can anticipate the formation of a "ubiquitous network industry" that provides services and products in ways that might be completely different from what we have experienced up to now. Based upon our understanding of the latest technical trends such as Ipv6, wireless and other ubiquitous-related technologies, we will look toward business potentials in the forthcoming ubiquitous society.
Dr. Noh-Byung Park Executive VP&CTO, R&D Center, Digital Media Network Business,Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. [Korea]
Mr. Hiroaki Yoshida Director, Toyota Motor Corporation
Mr. Akio Fujii President, Microsoft Product Development Limited
Mr. Yoshiaki Kushiki Managing Director, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mr. Teruyasu Murakami Chief Counselor, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Session3 "Taking Up the Challenge of New IT Business"
In every country ventures, with IT in the background, are taking birth and growing. These companies are expanding out from their domestic markets. Especially recently there is a marked emergence of new Asian companies from China, Korea etc. that are striving towards the next stage using various methods such as incubation through a tie-up between industry and academia, cooperation with an existing large company and so on. What are the conditions for such new companies and new businesses to grow? What are the necessary policies? Leaders of companies that shall carry the next generation will discuss.
Mr. Toru Arakawa President and CEO, ACCESS Co., Ltd.
Mr. Jack Ma Founder, Chairman & CEO, Corporation [China]
Mr. Charles Chae CEO, ENTERPRISEnetworks, Inc. [Korea]
Mr. Koji Osawa Managing Principal & Co-founder, Global Catalyst Partners [USA]
Mr. Faraj Aalaei  CEO & Co-founder, Centillium Communications, Inc. [USA]
Mr. Toshio Machida Deputy Editor, Business News Department, Editorial Bureau,Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.(Nikkei)
17:15 -17:30
GIS Summary
 "From Net to Mesh: Building the Next-Generation Business Infrastructure"

February 18th (Tue)
Welcoming Remarks
Mr. Ryoki Sugita Executive Vice President, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.(Nikkei)
13:05 - 13:20
Mr. Michio Naruto
Asia Co-Chair, GIIC (Global Information Infrastructure Commission Forum) Special Representative, Fujitsu Limited
13:20- 14:00
Keynote Speech
Dr. Yong-Kyung Lee
President and CEO, KT [Korea]
Keynote Speech
Mr. Yunting Dong
Chairman, China Center of Information Industry Development
14:50 -15:30
Keynote speech
Mr. Norio Wada
President and CEO, NTT
15:45 -17:45
Session1 "New Stream of Wireless Technology"
Amongst future net technologies, there are expectations towards developments in optic fibers in the fixed field and future 3rd generation mobile phones, wireless LAN in the wireless field; especially in the wireless field there is close interest in high density networks called "Mesh" We shall survey the future through exchange of opinions of top managers of leading companies that are introducing new technologies centered on wireless field, discussing issues such as content of new technology and possibilities of penetration, the kinds of business possible with that technology, etc.
Mr. Shiro Tsuda  Senior Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Global Business Division, NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
Dr. Yong-Kyung Lee  President and CEO, KT [Korea]
Mr. Duncan M. Davidson  Chairman, SkyPilot Network,Inc. [USA]
Mr. Hiroshi Wada  President & CEO, SpeedNet Inc.
Mr. Guy J. Kelnhofer III  President and CEO, NextNet Wireless [USA]
Mr. Waichi Sekiguchi Editorial Writer, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.(Nikkei)

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