Global Information Summit 2001
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Session 2
"New Business Models and Economic Rules for E-commerce"
With such high flyers as Mark Hogan, president of General Motors Corp.'s electronic sales unit e-GM, on the session two panel, moderator Jiro Kokuryo launched straight into the discussion, which suggested Asia will be a focal point of the creation of ubiquitous networks.

Hogan described the importance of e-commerce sales to GM in the future, especially through ties with Isuzu, Fujitsu and Fiat in the Asia-Pacific region, with Japan at the center. He predicted customer preference would lead to the dominance of e-commerce sites offering all makes and models in the future.

Edward Zeng, chairman and CEO of e-commerce company Ltd., said we are now seeing the rise of third generation B2B e-commerce, consisting of global industry groups and consortiums, but based on regional hubs with common languages and legal frameworks. China, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong would form one such hub. He said the global e-commerce market would be worth 4.5 trillion dollars within five years, with 10% of sales coming from Asia. He predicted an age of global deregulation is upon us, requiring close cooperation among governments.

Peter Pervere, senior vice president of Commerce One Inc., a provider of solutions and software for major corporations, said their is demand for a global trading Web, requiring applications that can be used by multiple business partnerships. He said common standards are essential to creating a global network.

Fran Rooney, president and CEO of Irish-based network security firm Baltimore Technologies, said building secure networks for e-commerce was best done through broad commercial partnerships. He suggested charging low subscription fees and then allowing unlimited access is one of the best business models for firms offering services through electronic networks.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, president and CEO of Internet Research Institute Inc. suggested technical changes may arrive faster than imagined, with major growth likely in the provision of network infrastructure to support existing businesses. He predicted demand would build for a broadband exchange platform, capable of handling mobile or fixed access from a variety of devices for a variety of uses.

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Mr. Mark T. Hogan President, e-GM
Mr. Peter Pervere Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Commerce One, Inc.
Mr. Fran Rooney President & CEO, Baltimore Technologies. plc
Mr. Edward Zeng Chairman & CEO, Ltd.
Dr. Hiroshi Fujiwara President & CEO, Internet Research Institute,Inc.
Dr. Jiro Kokuryo Professor, Keio Business School
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