Global Information Summit 2001
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Session 1
"A New Era with Ubiquitous Network and Broadband Technologies"
Session 1 moderator Hiroshi Yasuda of the University of Tokyo questioned the notion of ubiquity, when so few homes and buildings, especially in Japan, are connected to broadband networks. He asked when ubiquity would be achieved and what form broadband networks would take.

Panelist Masanobu Suzuki, president and CEO of NTT Communications Corp., said future global networks must be more open, secure and cheaper, while offering seamless connection between wired and wireless formats and being free of language barriers.

Mike Thurk, executive vice president of Ericsson, said his firm was adopting a pragmatic step-by-step approach and expects a truly ubiquitous high bandwidth network will not emerge until 2005-10. He said the current slide in high-tech stocks was exposing bad business plans and giving good firms a chance to consolidate and converge.

Partick Galagher, group director of strategy and development at British Telecom, said it is crucial that the IT industry convince capital markets that it can deliver the goods but conceded that repaying the high cost of building infrastructure was a major challenge. He called for greater cooperation between governments and firms in setting technical standards.

Finally, Laurence Norjean, chairman and CEO of Internet broadcaster FMiTV Networks Inc. said overcoming technical barriers to creating ubiquitous networks was imperative as the demand exists for broadband services. He said 50% of U.S households will have broadband capability by 2005 but face a shortage of content. He sees the best of radio and TV merging with interactive Internet content in the ubiquitous age.

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Mr. Patrick T. Gallagher Group Director,Strategy and Development, BT
Mr. Laurence W. Norjean Chairman and CEO, FMiTV Networks, Inc.
Mr. Mike Thurk Executive Vice President, Ericsson
Mr. Masanobu Suzuki President & CEO, NTT Communications Corporation
Dr. Hiroshi Yasuda Professor, the University of Tokyo
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