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Database Services - Dependable access to economic information, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Business and financial news requirements are becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated. To keep pace, Nikkei is devoting substantial resources to electronic media such as Nikkei Telecom, NEEDS and QUICK. Using cutting-edge systems and the latest data communications technology, these services process and provide real-time news collected via a global network and provide access to an immense amount of economic information and specific coverage accumulated over a period of more than 30 years.

Nikkei Telecom

Nikkei Telecom

A subscription business information service, Nikkei Telecom provides Internet-based access to one of Japan's largest databases, comprising an extensive range of information, from newspaper articles, corporate profiles, financial data and personal profiles to specialized reference materials related to such areas as patents and other legal matters. Nikkei Telecom is among the first to meet the evolving needs of the IT era by supplying information tools for corporate intranets and other services. Subscribers can even access business information from their cellular phones, regardless of their location; not only from the office but also outside, during business trips or while commuting. Two packages are available: Nikkei Telecom and Nikkei Telecom POS Information.

NEEDS services


NEEDS (The Nikkei Economic Electronic Databank System) is our comprehensive economic databank system that provides data and statistical information. Nikkei media, as well as corporations, universities, and public organizations in Japan and abroad, depend on NEEDS as a vital component of their information infrastructures. Services include FinancialQUEST for easy search and downloading of various data via the Internet and BULK/FDS, which transmits "bulk-file" data to users' computers. Data is also available on CD-ROM.


As the nucleus of the Nikkei-affiliated electronic media business, QUICK applies the latest technology to provide up-to-date information on global securities, financial data and end-of-period results, along with customized analysis and database functions. QUICK's mainstay products-QUICK LevelX and QUICK ActiveManager-incorporate a broad range of optional services, including analytical tools and a fund information service. In 2006, in response to the shift in society from savings to investments, we launched the Astra series, a new service that assists customers in managing their assets with comprehensive analysis and support functions. In addition to our asset management consulting service for financial institutions, this new system offers a total solution for the increasingly advanced and sophisticated process of asset management. We have also started a Web-based service through an online securities service and LCDs in the branch locations of banks and security firms, thereby providing an extensive range of information services for all our customers, from financial industry professionals to individual investors.

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