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Fully prepared to seize new opportunities in digitization and deregulation

Satellite Digital Broadcasts & Terrestrial Broadcasts

Nikkei is proactively responding to the newly emerging opportunities in radio, television and multimedia, and has established a strategy for disseminating information through multiple channels, including the nationwide TXN Network (TV TOKYO Network); satellite digital broadcaster BS Japan; and Nikkei CNBC, a 24-hour channel for business and financial news. Deregulation, technological innovation and digitization have opened an era of both intense competition and exciting opportunities for radio, television and multimedia.
Nikkei intends to realize its full potential in this new environment through its Broadcasting & Telecommunications Strategy Office, which comprehensively oversees strategic planning for Nikkei's digitization, radio and television businesses.

Introduction of service related to Broadcasting

TXN Network (TV TOKYO Network)

©TV Tokyo Corporation

With TV Tokyo Corporation as its key station, TXN covers six principal regions: Kanto, Osaka, Aichi, Okayama/Kagawa, Hokkaido, and Fukuoka-representing nearly 70 percent of all households in Japan. The network is especially popular for economic news programs, such as "World Business Satellite," which draw on the Nikkei global information network. Nikkei also cooperates in the production of other non-news programming and special series such as "Nikkei special: The Dawn of Gaia", "Nikkei Special: Cambrian Palace-Ryu's Talking Live" and "The Great Masters Of Art." The network also develops visual content for broadband communications as well as innovative services for terrestrial digital broadcasting.

BS Japan

With nationwide coverage using a single signal, this digital satellite station broadcasts high-quality, high-definition television (HDTV) programming. By fully deploying the unique advantages of digital broadcasting, BS Japan provides stock quotes and other economic data, news, and electronic program guides, as well as interactive functionality such as information retrieval services.

Nikkei CNBC Japan

This 24-hour business and economic news channel delivers real-time reports from Nikkei's editorial bureau as well as market information from CNBC, a worldwide network based in the U.S. Programming includes stock price updates that make full use of live reports and commentary as well as economic analyses by Nikkei reporters. Nikkei CNBC Japan is watched in more than 7 million homes as well as in hotels and at leading companies through about 370 cable systems and SKYPerfect TV!, a digital satellite broadcaster. In October 2007, "The NIKKEI Business Report" began airing during CNBC's popular "Worldwide Exchange." During the daily segment, English-speaking Nikkei reporters in a Tokyo studio deliver economic and financial news to viewers in 72 countries on live.

Nikkei Radio Broadcasting Corporation (former Nihon Short-wave Broadcasting)

As the only commercial shortwave radio station in Japan, Nikkei Radio Broadcasting Corporation airs news programs such as "Kiku Nikkei" (listening Nikkei), stock market news and horse racing reports as well as medical information and other programs nationwide. Widely known as Radio Nikkei, the station enjoys a broad range of listeners and is expanding beyond conventional radio broadcasting into new media, including the Internet, podcasting and mobile phones.

Nikkei Visual Images

Specializing in production of television programming that features business, economics, and the arts, Nikkei Visual Images has earned a solid reputation for planning and production of multimedia-related software packages for the Internet, CD-ROMs and other media. The company also contracts production and transmission of programming for Nikkei CNBC Japan.

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