2016.12.12 Nikkei to launch the High Dividend Yield Index

Nikkei Inc. will launch a new index, "Nikkei 225 High Dividend Yield Stock 50 Index", on January 10, 2017, which is comprised of 50 high dividend yield stocks selected from the Nikkei 225 constituents.

Under the ultralow interest rates due to the BOJ's negative interest rate policy, investors are paying more attention to the investment strategy which provides them with stable income gains. Such investments are also prompted by the stance of Japanese companies which have expanded returns to shareholders by increasing the dividend payments.

Corresponding to such needs, Nikkei has realized the new index "Nikkei High Dividend Yield 50" based on an investment strategy which will provide investors with higher dividend incomes continuously. Higher dividend stocks are selected from the Nikkei 225 constituents, representative companies in Japan, and are weighted based on the levels of dividend yields ("Dividend Yield Weight Method" ) . The index is designed to reflect an efficient investment strategy in the higher dividend stocks.