2022.07.07 Unauthorized Server Access/Ransomware Incident at Nikkei Group Asia Pte. Ltd.(Second Report)

As we informed you on May 19, 2022, servers at Nikkei Group Asia Pte. Ltd. ("Asia Headquarters"), an overseas subsidiary of Nikkei Inc. based in Singapore, were infected with ransomware. This is a ransom-demand-type virus, and it was introduced into the servers after illegal access by a third party. We have learned that the possibility of leakage cannot be completely ruled out concerning some personal information of customers and other parties. At this time, no leakage of information related to this matter has been confirmed.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience and concern this incident may cause to those involved.

Upon learning of the unauthorized access to the IT system at our Asia headquarters on May 13, we immediately implemented emergency measures, including shutting off connections of the affected equipment to the outside world, and we reported the incident to the personal information protection authorities in Japan and Singapore on May 19. Subsequently, countermeasures were implemented for systems at the Asian headquarters, such as strengthening network settings and monitoring systems. Going forward, we will continue to seek advice from external professional organizations and further strengthen our information security measures to prevent recurrence.

We have been investigating the nature and scope of the damage caused by the unauthorized access with the cooperation of a cyber forensics firm. We will continue to strengthen our systems further and implement even more thorough management of personal information, as we work with all possible speed and diligence to avoid any possible recurrence.

As a result of investigations to date, we have uncovered evidence that attempts had been made to exfiltrate certain files. Thus, it cannot be concluded at this time that no information leakage has occurred.

Files containing personal information regarding which possible leakage cannot be ruled out are listed below. We will be directly contacting the affected parties in due course.

■ Materials related to a joint project between a business school in Singapore and our Asia Headquarters.
■ Materials related to events in Southeast Asia.
■ Materials to be used for functions related to directors and employees at our Asia Headquarters

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