2022.05.19 Unauthorized Server Access/Ransomware Incident (Nikkei Group Asia Pte. Ltd.)

We regret to inform you that there has recently been a ransomware attack on a server at Nikkei Group Asia Pte. Ltd., an overseas subsidiary of Nikkei Inc. based in Singapore. This IT incident began with unauthorized server access. An internal investigation revealed that the incident resulted in the introduction of ransomware (a type of malware that demands payment of money) into the server.

The unauthorized access was first detected on May 13th. The server may have contained personal information, etc. of some of our customers. We have reported the matter to personal information protection regulators in Japan and Singapore, and we are currently working to determine the nature and extent of the damage.

After confirming the unauthorized access, we moved quicky to implement measures such as shutting down servers that may have been affected in order to prevent the damage from spreading.

We deeply value each and every one of our clients and customers. Please be assured that although the nature and extent of potential damage caused by this attack is distressing and still under investigation, we are working tirelessly to resolve the issue.

We wish to extend our most sincere apologies to all of our stakeholders. We will continue to take vigorous action, deploying our effective and powerful countermeasures and expertise with the utmost possible speed. Nikkei is recognized as one of most technologically advanced media organizations in the world, and rest assured, it will not cease in its endeavors to resolve the issue on behalf of all concerned.

For further inquiries regarding the incident, please contact:
Nikkei Group Asia Pte. Ltd.
Telephone: +65 - 6331 - 6230 (Availability: 10:00 - 17:00, Singapore time, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

E-mail address: [email protected]

Please also see the following webpage: https://www.nikkeiasia.com/index.html

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Public Relations Office, Nikkei Inc.
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