Retail Technology Summit Tokyo 2005
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Executive Seminar by in and outside the country`s IT opinion leader.
Retail Technology Summit Tokyo 2005 features top-level executives from major global corporations in the extended retail distribution industry, standards organizations, and other entities to share their experiences in information technology implementations, the latest trends in global standards, and other advancements in the industry. Building on last year's top-notch lectures, this year's Summit will provide discussions focusing on the establishment of innovative distribution systems in Japan and abroad, approaches to inter-company collaboration, and developments in the standardization of business process and leading-edge technologies. During the Summit, the concurrent exhibition will demonstrate the latest IT solutions from the industry's top systems providers. This international event will provide participants with diverse business opportunities through exchange of information and networking among lecturers, attendees and exhibitors. We look forward to seeing you at Retail Technology Summit Tokyo 2005!

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Special Cooperation from: The Distribution Systems Reserch Institute.
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